Invent your brand incrementally

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The traditional paradigm often views product design and branding as linear processes—first, the product is designed, and then the branding comes in to dress it up for the market. While this approach has merits, the rapidly evolving market dynamics and consumer behaviors are making it increasingly beneficial to adopt a more incremental and integrated approach.

Here is how:

The Intersection

When product design and branding are done incrementally and in tandem, they inform and enhance each other at every step, resulting in a product and brand that are not only cohesive but also dynamic and adaptable.

Agility and Adaptability

Working incrementally allows for quick pivots and adjustments. The agility this provides is invaluable in where consumer preferences and market dynamics change rapidly.

Stronger User-Centric Focus

Both product design and branding benefit from real-world feedback that can be incorporated quickly and efficiently. This keeps the user at the center of both processes, resulting in better user experiences and stronger brand loyalty.

Resource Efficiency

In a nonlinear, incremental model, resources can be allocated more effectively. Since both processes are ongoing, they can share insights, data, and even budget to ensure that both are continually optimized.

Consistency and Cohesion

A simultaneous, incremental approach ensures that every change in the product is mirrored in the branding and vice versa. This coherence strengthens the brand message and amplifies the product's effectiveness.

How we do it:

When collaborating with a new company we always start establishing with a few fundamentals. These vary but typically colors, typefaces and some sense of defining element or inspiration serve as the starting point. Once initial ideas are established and convey their purpose we do not care to refine or iterate on these alone, from here on its all in parallel, never a 'set-and-forget' scenario but an ongoing process.


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